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StreetDoctors was founded in 2008 in Liverpool with a vision to end street violence by training the youth to keep safe, save lives and be part of the solution to the issue, rather than just being seen as ‘part of the problem’.

Training is delivered by a movement of young healthcare volunteers (nurses, paramedics and doctors) who work in partnership with criminal justice services, schools, universities, pupil referral units, youth, sports and community groups.

Through their sessions, young people receive peer-to-peer first responder training, learning how to prevent loss of life and gaining the confidence to step forward to protect others. They additionally learn about the medical and psychological consequences of violence.

Since 2013, StreetDoctors has trained 25,000 young people in life-saving skills across 18 cities in the UK. After a StreetDoctors session, 96% of young people say they understand the consequences of violence, 93% know what to do if someone is bleeding, and 83% are willing and able to act in a medical emergency.

As of May 2023, Nick Maughan became the charity’s first Patron. Furthering its work to support disenfranchised communities, the Nick Maughan Foundation is delighted to contribute and assist the important work that StreetDoctors does.

StreetDoctors is also a partner to BoxWise. This patronage will foster closer collaboration between StreetDoctors, BoxWise and NMF in their joint mission to combat the scourge of knife crime across the UK.

Nick Maughan, says:

“I am honoured to have been asked to be the Patron of StreetDoctors. StreetDoctors is a remarkable charity which saves countless lives. Youth violence is one of the most pressing social issues in the UK today and StreetDoctors provides young people with the tools to act as first responders in emergencies, empowering them to keep themselves and others safe.”

Lucie Russell, CEO of StreetDoctors says:

“We are absolutely thrilled that Nick has agreed to become our patron. This is a very significant moment in the history of StreetDoctors; bringing together a highly successful British philanthropist, who is also a Co-Founder of a highly impactful youth empowerment social enterprise, with our multi award winning violence reducing charity. Our values align in so many ways, most importantly in our shared belief in the potential of young people who are so often locked out of opportunities to grow and develop, only because of the contexts they are growing up in. Through this fantastic opportunity to become closer to both Nick, and Boxwise, we will empower many more young people by working together to change the trajectories of their lives.”

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