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Berkshire Youth Trust

The Nick Maughan Foundation is proud to support the work of the Berkshire Youth Trust (BYT), which for over 80 years has enriched the lives of young people across Berkshire by providing a carefully curated programme of clubs and projects.


The Berkshire Youth Trust believes that every young person should have access to opportunities that develop key skills outside of the classroom. To make this goal a reality, BYT provides leading youth support services through a wide variety of engaging projects, which all serve to help vulnerable young people make successful transitions to adulthood.

The Nick Maughan Foundation is proud to support the Berkshire Youth Trust in its essential work. Notably, the foundation contributed to the construction of Waterside Centre. Located in Newbury, this state-of-the-art ‘Inspired Facility’ provides a range of activities, including rock climbing, dancing, canoeing and vocational training.

The Waterside Centre is also one of the venues for the Nick Maughan Foundation’s flagship programme, BoxWise. BoxWise’s free 10 week programme provides a safe space for disadvantaged young people to channel their energy and develop their skills through the power of sport, all in a safe and controlled environment.

David Seward, CEO of Berkshire Youth Trust has stated on the Nick Maughan Foundation’s support, “Berkshire Youth is proudly supported by the Nick Maughan Foundation, who were a major donor to the new Waterside Centre in Newbury. Through the foundation we’ve also been privileged to welcome BoxWise courses, an extraordinary programme helping young people make successful transitions to adulthood. The funds from NMF and the BoxWise programme have been invaluable in making the Waterside Centre what it is today.”


In recent years, funding for extra-curricular activities has been severely depleted, with cuts to the national youth work budget totalling £500 million since 2011. There has never been a more essential time for organisations such as the Berkshire Youth Trust to be supported.


With 15% per cent of the 3,000 young people in West Berkshire currently living in poverty, and the district has one of the widest educational attainment gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged young people. The support of the Nick Maughan Foundation is facilitating Berkshire Youth Trust’s essential work in changing this.

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