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Our Pillars

The Nick Maughan Foundation (NMF) was established to further a range of philanthropic initiatives in education, the environment and civic support schemes for disenfranchised communities.



It is impossible to overstate the formative role that our years of schooling have on us throughout our lives. Providing children with the best educational start in life shapes not only their futures, but those of their families in preceding and subsequent generations. One great teacher can instil a permanent gift of intellectual curiosity, while negative experiences can have the inverse effect.

The future strength of civilised society depends in no small way on harnessing the brightest and the best, those gifted with exceptional natural ability, to help them push themselves forward. In equal measure it depends on continually raising standards across the board to stop those who struggle from being left behind and giving every child the best education we possibly can.


The Nick Maughan Foundation is committed to narrowing the educational attainment gap by supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds to have the same opportunities as those from more fortunate ones.


The Foundation works to identify suitable opportunities to award grants and scholarships to high-achieving children from families below the median-income level, as well as providing funding for under-resourced schools. NMF also funds academically gifted children from low-income families to attend elite private schools in London, including Putney High School.


NMF’s work extends beyond the UK and is very actively involved in funding and building schools in Uganda, with a school in Mblae, Eastern Uganda set to take its first pupils in 2023.

Nick has written extensively on educational topics for ReactionCity A.M. and Conservative Home.

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