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Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity, providing housing and support for young people in London, Manchester, Yorkshire, the Northeast and across the UK through various partnerships. The charity’s mission is to end youth homelessness by 2037.


Centrepoint provides more than just a safe place for homeless young people to sleep. Through the insights from its services, Centrepoint campaigns, influences and orchestrates systemic change.


Tackling youth homelessness is more important than ever, as research conducted by Centrepoint has found that as many as 122,000 young people aged 16-24 presented to their local authority as homeless or at risk of homelessness in 2021. This follows a 40 percent increase in youth homelessness over the previous five years.


With youth homelessness on the rise, the Nick Maughan Foundation is proud to be supporting the essential work of Centrepoint, both through donations and its flagship programme, BoxWise.


BoxWise, which seeks to empower disadvantaged young people through sport, now runs specially designed programmes for young people who are being supported by Centrepoint in London and Bradford. These programmes seek to equip young people with the necessary skills to rebuild their lives after experiencing homelessness, with BoxWise providing progression routes to help those on its programmes enter further education, vocational training and jobs.


The young people who find themselves homeless do so for a variety and often complex reasons.


Seyi Obakin, the CEO of CentrePoint states, “the range of complex issues that young people are presented with is also getting wider. Through these programmes, the Nick Maughan Foundation works as part of a holistic support mechanism for some of the most vulnerable people in our society."

“We are incredibly grateful both to the Nick Maughan Foundation and to BoxWise for the tremendous financial and operational support that we have received from them. The funds and the BoxWise programme have both gone a long way to helping us towards our goal of ending youth homelessness in the U.K.”.

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